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Looking at the reality of life – so much has been dropped in your lap; working from home, possibly schooling your children, regular household duties, and all the ‘what ifs’ and ‘just one more thing’. Please don’t think of religion as ‘just one more class’.  Faith formation gives each of us, young and old alike, a foundation we can rely on for the rest of our lives.


We have three options for parents to choose from.


Option 1 - At St. Margaret’s


Send your child to church on Wednesday evenings from 5:30 - 6:45pm.  We will follow Jackson County regulations with mask requirement and social distancing.  Supplies will be given to your child and will not be shared with others. The minimum class size is 4. Maximum class size will be 12. If we are in a lockdown, your child will automatically be part of Option 2 or 3 (below).    


Option 2 and 3 - Distant Learning


Depending on your personal workload or how in depth you want your child to explore the lesson, you may choose either Distant Learning Option 2 or 3.


Option 2 - Your child can work on their own using a tablet or computer. Each lesson is approximately 20 minutes long. When your child logs on, they will be able to see first names of other children from St. Margaret’s in their class. For younger grades most of their lesson is read to them. The audio decreases as children get older. The children answer questions within each chapter which will be transmitted to Cathie. After answering, they will be able to see other children’s answers without their names. This connects the children with each other at a safe distance. This cannot and will not be set up like a chatroom. Concluding their lesson with a parent completing a Family Activity sheet which takes 2-15 minutes.


Option 3 - Parents may work with their child conducting an approximately 45-minute class (teacher manual will be available online).  Answers may be on paper or transmitted to Cathie.               

Enrollment and Calendar and Handbook

Registered Parishioners: Attending at the church is $45.00/child 

                                          Homeschooling is $35.00/child

Non-parishioners:            Attending at the church $65.00/child

                                          Home schooling $55.00/child

For Active Parishioners: No child will be denied religious education because of family financial difficulties.

Recommendation for Parents

Prior to first grade a child should know

  • The Sign of the Cross

  • The Lord’s Prayer 

  • one form of Grace prior to a meal. 

  • They should also be able to name God as Creator of all things

  • Jesus as the Son of God 

  • Mary as the mother of Jesus

  • Realize that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus and Easter is about Jesus’ Resurrection.

Who We Are

The children's program at  St. Margaret of Scotland is viewed as a balance to and not a substitute for the Christian formation of children by parents in the homes.  Parents agreed to this duty at their child’s baptism.

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