Let’s not lose sight of something profound we are missing as we give online and avoid passing the virus from one to another. Your offerings are sacrifices that symbolize your whole lives. You bring a portion of your life as a sign that you recognize God’s lordship over your life. The offerings of the whole community, monetary offerings as well as bread and wine from God’s creation, are gathered together during the Mass. On behalf of the church, ushers receive the baskets of offerings. Deacons prepare the bread and wine and give them to the priest, who makes the sacrificial offering to God on behalf of all. That profound offering cannot be contained in an electronic blip that transfers funds from one account to another. Right now, we are doing the best we can, and I am truly grateful for your online giving. Thank you! We also provide a box to receive your envelopes and cash, and a basket for “Dip Jar” electronic gifts. If you would like assistance in setting up regular giving from your bank account, credit card, or cell phone, Sue can help you set it up.


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