I went down to the docks to buy something fresh: snapper or grouper is what I had in mind. It smells just like what you’d expect – the fish are scaled and filleted out back, and the cases display some of what’s been biting. The shrimp is local. The floors are worn and tilted, and it is just clean enough in the right places to pass inspection. Several other shoppers were in the store with me, and several sellers were behind the counter. I was the only one with a mask. I asked about the fish in the case – a nice grouper – was it local? When was it caught? The seller looked at me like I was from another planet. I wondered if he thought I might be ignorant, or didn’t like it that I don’t have a local accent. He threw up his hands and surprised me. “I can’t deal with you. I can’t deal with people who have on masks.” “Live and let live” is all I could think to say. I kept my mask on, and someone else took care of me. The grouper was great. Is it any wonder?


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