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Online meetings are still encouraged, but in-person meetings may be possible. The updated diocesan expectations are allowing for parish groups to start meeting again, as long as all follow basic healthy practices. Except for very small groups ― less than six or eight ― meetings must take place in the church. Social distancing is required, so leaders must arrange seating ahead of time for the number expected. Participants do not need to register online, however leaders should make an attendance list and retain it for 30 days. Masks should be worn as people arrive, leave and move around in the building, and may be removed while members are seated during the meeting. Singing is not allowed, and speakers especially should be careful of maintaining separation. Afterwards all seating needs to be cleaned and replaced, and surfaces used by members should be wiped down. Check with Sue regarding the rules for serving food and drinks and for consideration of other questions you may have.

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