The Old Testament says not to eat pork, so…?

"Since Jesus was Jewish and He said He wasn't sent to change the law then how come we eat pork? My daughter questioned me about this and it was something I wondered about also, especially while preparing a delicious ham on the holiest day of the year.”

Great question! Jesus certainly didn’t change the law, but he wasn’t as rigid as some others. That doesn’t mean that he broke the law, but he taught that not all laws are equal. Love God is first, and love your neighbor is almost as important. The Gospel of Mark 7:1-23 is one place where Jesus deals with controversy about diet. See verse 19. How Jewish laws apply to non-Jewish Christians was a big controversy in the early church. Acts Chapter 10 is a good place to read about it. God led Peter to understand that Christ united Jewish and Gentile Christians, and that he didn’t expect gentiles to follow all Jewish dietary laws. Acts 15 tells about a council in about 50 AD that settled the issue for gentile Christians. Hope that helps!

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