Update on Reopening Public Masses

Dear Parishioners of St. Margaret of Scotland,

We hope this finds you and your families in good health. We have missed seeing you at church, even though your smiling faces in the chairs reminded us that you were present with us in your homes. As the nation begins the process of reopening, that includes our public celebrations of the Mass. First and foremost, please know that we will be adhering to any and all state and civil authorities, i.e. the state of Missouri, Jackson County and the city of Lee’s Summit. Secondly, please also know that we will be making some changes to the in-person celebration of Mass in order to continue to protect our parish family. But, in order to successfully do this, we need your help! Here’s what we need from you!

1. If you are or have been exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to the virus in the last 14 days, please refrain from attending Mass in person.

2. Check your temperature before coming to Mass. If you are running a fever, please refrain from attending Mass in person.

3. If you have an underlying health condition, or are in the 60+ age range, we strongly encourage you to continue celebrating Mass at home.

4. In order to limit the number of people at each Mass, you must make an online reservation for your desired Mass time. Once the link is ready, you will be able to access it from our website.

5. If you are able to come to Mass in person, you MUST wear a mask. Unfortunately, we will not be able to allow anyone without a mask into the church building.

6. Once you enter the church building, social distancing rules must be adhered to. A six-foot distance must be kept between all clergy, staff, volunteers and members of the congregation. (This excludes family units.) Ushers will show you to your seat. You may remove your mask once you sit in your seat, but any time you move throughout the church, your mask must be secured.

7. During Mass, please listen and observe any and all instructions regarding the Communion procession and the proper way to receive the Blessed Sacrament.

a. As you come up to Communion, maintain a six-foot distance between you and all other people until you reach the minister. When you reach the minister, leave your mask on, receive the Sacrament in your hands, say “Amen,” then move to the side, move your mask down, consume the Sacrament and replace your mask.

8. When exiting the church building, please be patient and continue to adhere to Social Distancing Rules. Please do not congregate in the parking lot.

9. Lastly, please continue to watch for updates from us regarding public celebrations of the Mass. As we know, the situation quickly changes from day to day.

Our Parish Staff will also be taking the following steps to keep everyone as safe as possible:

1. ALL services will continue to be livestreamed so if you are unable to celebrate Mass in person, you will still be able to participate from home.

2. All surfaces will be sanitized in between every service. This includes door knobs, doors, restrooms, and chairs.

3. The red fabric chairs have been temporarily replaced with white plastic chairs to ease the sanitization process.

4. Stationary collection baskets will be placed in the church and the vestibule instead of passing the basket during the Offertory.

5. All Ushers and Eucharistic Ministers will be trained to aid parishioners in observing social distancing during Communion. While we know this is a lot of information to take in, we strongly believe that these practices will allow us to celebrate Mass together safely. Again, please continue to stay updated via our parish website, emails and social media.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Fr. Ernie and the St. Margaret’s Parish Staff

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