What Does It All Mean?

Should we wear masks, or not? Should we keep this statue, or defend that one? Should I take this trip, go to that gathering? Should I go to Mass? Should we cut the budget? Reschedule building plans? Put the kids in school or keep them home? Go back to work or work from home? When will we get back to normal, and what will the new normal be like? These are all challenging questions. But are there even deeper questions that require more fundamental answers? We could use a good Old Testament style prophet. Often the king would ask for help making a difficult choice between options. Often, after prayerfully seeking God’s guidance, the prophet would tell the king that from God’s point of view, the issue is completely different, requiring different choices. Should we fight or surrender? Have patience. Should we choose an alliance with Egypt or Damascus? Take care of the poor. Nowadays, it is so easy to presume that all questions have political, economic or even medical answers. Maybe the deeper questions are spiritual, requiring spiritual answers, going to the heart of who we are and how we act. Maybe the questions require a conversion of heart, a basic reorientation of life, a different vision of who you are, a new picture of what it means to live a good life before we can hear the answers. God may be God, but is he your God? Christ may be King, but do you let him rule your life? The Kingdom of God may be among you, but do you live in it? Is the faith just a little spice that you can do without or change depending on how it suits you, or is it the Bread of Life?


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