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Middle School

Parish School of Religion


Who We Are

Our goal is to show Middle School youth how their faith can assist them in their everyday lives. Students are invited to attend classes and/or our Middle School Youth Group - CHAOS - Catholics Hype about our Savior.

When We Meet

Middle School PSR Classes will meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month from 5:30pm-7:00pm.

CHAOS is suspended until COVID -19 is no longer a threat. 

Class Fees

Registered Parishioners:

  • One Child - $45

  • Two Children - $80

  • Three or More Children - $120

Non Parishioners:

  • $55 per Child


6th through 8th grade students will use the book Catholic Connections as well as some lessons from The Edge. Our goal is to show youth how faith can assist them in their everyday lives. Students need to bring their Bible to class each session.  Fees for books and supplies are due at the time of registration.

camp_savio 2019.jpg

Camp Savio

In one week, by utilizing the Sacraments, adventure, prayer, and a few energetic college students, the hearts of hundreds of junior high and high school youth are transformed.

Camp Savio is held at Maur Hill-Mount Academy, located in Atchison, KS.


Learn more at!

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