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Christ cares about you, and we do, too.  Life can be hard and sometimes challenges are more than we can face alone.  Sometimes you just need somebody to listen.  Our pastor, our two deacons, and all the members of the staff are here for you.  Call the church office at 816-246-6800.

Marriage Prep

Thinking about getting married?  Let us help!

Start here by watching these two videos together:
Bishop Barron on Marriage and Relationships 
Matrimony:  Why Make it Catholic?  

We’d be happy to help you prepare for marriage.  Here’s an outline of what the process looks like:
The 7 Steps of Marriage Preparation  

You probably have lots of questions about who can get married at St. Margaret’s, how to get started, possible dates, and much more.
Call the pastor at 816-272-0124 to set up an appointment.

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Care for the Sick and Homebound

Christ expressed his love for people struggling with physical, emotional and spiritual disease, and sought to overcome barriers and isolation.  Everyone and every situation is different. How can we express Christ’s healing love for you?  Here are some possibilities:

  • Anointing and Blessing of the Sick at Mass are offered once a month and anytime by request. Just show up.

  • Share your burdens. We can listen and assist with problem-solving.  Call the parish office at 816-246-6800.

  • Let us come to you If you are no longer able to come to Mass,.  Communion ministers, deacons, and the pastor can visit and bring the Blessed Sacrament to you.  Call the parish office.

  • All Masses are live-streamed via our Facebook and YouTube.

Preparation for Death: “Last Rites.”
Please call the parish office to arrange for a visit by the pastor if you or a family member has a grave illness.  Christ cares in a special way for those living in the shadow of death, and whose whose time on earth may be getting shorter.  A caring visit can relieve worries, and the sacraments are meant to help us live the remainder of life in God’s grace and be ready without fear to enter the next life.  The sacraments are for the living and for those who can participate in them.  The last rites of the church include:

  • Prayer

  • Reconciliation/Confession

  • Anointing of the Sick

  • Communion

  • Apostolic Blessing

At Time of Death
Sometimes a family seeks the comfort of a visit by the priest when a loved one is actively dying. We try to honor those requests, even though admittedly, the person who is dying may no longer be able to participate in the sacraments.  God’s ways are mysterious.  If it is impossible to be there in person when death occurs suddenly, know that a person who has been united with Christ in life through prayer, faith, and the sacraments, is still united.  Please call the pastor at 816-246-6800 and listen for the parish’s emergency number.



Catholic funerals are for the deceased as well as for those left behind.  Since the beginning, Christians have offered the Sacrifice of the Mass for those who have died to assist them on their spiritual journey which continues into the next life.  Funerals also assist those grieving through the assurance of faith given through the community that gathers, the scriptures that are read, the prayers, and the strength for continued living offered through the Mass and Communion.  Please call the parish office when your loved one has died so that we can express our condolences as well as assist in planning.  Funerals are normally celebrated in the church.  Let us know if special situations apply.

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